Fresh pressed juice made by hand in small batches everyday in Columbus, OH. Simplify your journey to health.


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Nourish, heal and energize with our most popular cleanse package.

The Rainbow Cleanse

Our most popular and balanced cleanse contains five fresh-pressed juices and one cashew milk ready for pick up at our store in Upper Arlington or New Albany or delivered to your home or office for the duration of the cleanse. It's perfect for those who want to balance tasty, easy to drink juices with high efficacy.

$54 / day

About SambaFresh cold-pressed juice & juice cleanses

Plant Based Nutrition from Fresh Juice

Welcome to sambaFRESH! Inspired by the Gerson Therapy Institute and Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, sambaFRESH guarantees fresh, cold-pressed juice made daily. Our delicious, cold-pressed juices are handcrafted in our local Columbus-based juicery. We only use small batch methods to retain the highest level of vitamins, minerals and enzymes from the best quality all natural raw, local ingredients. Our juices have no additives, no preservatives and are uniquely formulated and left unpasteurized for optimum nutrition and taste. You will love the way they taste, and the way you feel.

Fresh, organic, cold pressed juice - over 25 juice flavors with delivery or pickup at our Columbus, Ohio retail locations

We have even more to show you in our Columbus stores in Upper Arlington and New Albany and we would be happy to show you exactly how fresh cold pressed juice is made with fresh and organic ingredients for plant based nutrition pressed right on location. So how often do we press our juice? We are glad you asked. We press fresh everyday to guarantee that your juice is not only delicious, but still holds the nutrients and critical nutrition that only fresh ingredients can offer, and we are very proud of it.

Juice cleanses for detox, weight management plant-based diet, a new start

Our organic cold pressed Juice Cleanse packages come in a number of amazing flavors that stimulate your taste buds, invigorate your body, and awaken your mind. Also commonly referred to as Juice Detox and Juice Fasting, juice cleansing is an amazing method of flushing toxins from your body and satisfying hunger as a snack or meal replacement. The greatest mind blowing fact is that with combinations of cold pressed juice cleanses, you are likely providing your body with a greater amount of nutrients than with most standard American meals. It is organic, cold pressed, fresh juice that truly does the body good. Learn about what Juice Cleansing is on our blog and how a plant based diet can help you make a healthy new start.

Hydrate with fresh juice to supplement sports and workouts<

We can rattle off nutritional and scientific facts or we can just use common sense. I think we are going to opt for common sense on this one. What offers a greater nutritional value for replacing electrolytes to hydrate after a hard workout? Would it be a corn syrup sweetened, artificially fruit flavored, chemical infused bottle of a popular sports-ade drink, a chemically engineered powder mixed with liquid, or a bottle of fresh cold pressed juice packed with a natural sweetness and organic nutrients?

Opting for common sense, we believe that you can answer that without our assistance. Hydrate with a bottle of sambaFRESH after your next workout and let us know how it makes you feel!

Delicious could pressed juice made daily in our Columbus, Ohio juicery

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